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This paper, published in The Veterinary Journal (Patterson-Kane et al. 2018) and co-authored by Professor Cathy McGowan BVSc MACVSc DEIM DipECEIM PhD MRCVS at the University of Liverpool, describes and summarises the advances that the last few years have brought in our understanding of equine laminitis.

The primary objective of this paper was to establish whether cases of owner-suspected laminitis would be confirmed as laminitis by the attending veterinary surgeon. The secondary objectives were to compare owner- and veterinary-reported information from veterinary-confirmed cases of equine laminitis to see whether there were any differences in the signs that owners and vets picked up on.
A recently published paper titled “Using the Horse Grimace Scale (HGS) to Assess Pain Associated with Acute Laminitis in Horses” (Dalla Costa et al. Animals. 2016. 6, 47) aimed to investigate whether the Horse Grimace Scale (HGS), an equine facial-expression-based pain coding system, could be usefully applied to assess the pain associated with acute laminitis in horses.

Dr Jo Ireland from the Animal Health Trust, discusses how the national disease awareness initiative, Talk About Laminitis...