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Multimedia elements: Images, video and audio files

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  3. tables and bullet list for helping readers
  4. graphics for complex content

We try to offer a clear navigation structure that helps you to find the content you are looking for in an easy and quick way.

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The Talk About Laminitis initiative continues to do sterling work in awareness-raising but also crucially in increasing the information we have about the disease and related conditions.

Redwings head of veterinary and care and senior veterinary surgeon Nicky Jarvis

PPID (Cushing’s disease) is a significant risk factor for developing the devastating disease of laminitis, but thanks to this initiative, more cases can be identified early.

World Horse Welfare Deputy Chief Executive, Tony Tyler

We encourage all horse owners, who are concerned about PPID in their horses, to take up this fantastic complimentary offer.

Gemma Stanford, head of welfare at The British Horse Society